Sinus InfectionIf you are experiencing a sinus infection, then you are not alone.  It is reported that over 20 million adults are diagnosed with sinus infections each year.  Some reports have cited up to 37 million, which is staggering!

With so many suffering from sinus infections, there are many medical treatments such as prescription medications and costly surgeries, but one has to wonder, are there more natural ways to help offset the conditions that lead up to a sinus infection?

Causes of sinus infections:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Bacteria
  • Blocked nasal drainage
  • Common colds
  • Injuries
  • Stuffy nose
  • Viruses

Chiropractic and even acupuncture are effective natural treatments in the combat against sinus infections.  The real trick is using these techniques when symptoms first persist so that through a series of adjustments or needle treatments, the doctor can help drain out the fluids which could later develop into a sinus infection.

Your body functions at its optimal level when there is an absence of nerve interferences.  This allows the brain to communicate through the nerves which run through your spinal cord to the various parts of your body (nervous system).  When the body is functioning properly and a patients is receiving wellness treatments (like going to the dentist for routine checkups) the body will respond better to the onset of colds, and you may never get to the point where you will get a sinus infection

If you are sick and tired of popping medications, taking nasal sprays, and breathing in inhalers, then maybe it is time to see a chiropractor.  Or join one of the 22 million people who already benefit from this growing alternative healthcare. 

Dr. Brenda FortinDr. Brenda Fortin has 16 years of experience in treating patients using chiropractic care, so you are indeed coming to the right place to be evaluated for the treatment of sinus issues.

It’s our mission to help people live healthier lives.  If you have read this page, then you or someone close to you are likely experiencing symptoms of sinus issues and need to take the next step in freeing them from pain and moving in the direction of living a healthier life.  Schedule an appointment today using our online form or call us via phone 763-478-3978.